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Upcoming cons!

I’ll be attending Boskone (Boston; Feb. 17–19). I’m also on panels! Here’s my schedule. (NB: Paradoxically, no one asked me to copyedit the panel descriptions, so I’m presenting them as they stand.;) ):


(this is a tentative schedule, so stay tuned for updates):

Temperament and the Writer
Friday 4 PM – Lewis

How can a writer cope with the ups and downs of the writing biz? We thought about using the following title and description, but not all writers are miserable depressives!
Why You Should NOT Become a Writer
[NOTE: Presented as a public service by Boskone.] Listen to us, we beg you! Writing is long lonely hours of cruel labor and dismal self-doubt, plus humiliation (publishers) and indifference (the public). Our experts will share their most horrifying stories of the degradation and despair of every writer’s life. If you’re smart you won’t even show up. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

Leigh Perry (M), Ammi-Joan Paquette, Esther Friesner, Richard Shealy, Ian Randal Strock

Indie Pub Your Backlist
Saturday 10 AM, Marina 2

Do you have old stories that were published ages ago lingering in drawers, gathering dust – not getting read? Independent publishers can be a great resource for letting your old stories see the light of day again and drumming up interest from new readers. We will be discussing ideas on how to revitalize your backlist.

Joshua Bilmes (M) ,Walter Jon Williams, Richard Shealy, Juliana Spink Mills, Craig Shaw Gardner

The Copy Editor Is Your Friend
Saturday 4 PM, Marina 2

No book goes directly from the author’s keyboard to the printing press. Instead, the manuscript follows a convoluted path that involves many people and finally lands on the desk of your friendly neighborhood copy editor. So, what does a copy editor do? Can (or should) you copyedit your own work? Our panel of red pencil warriors explains how and why copy editors make stories better and authors look good. Learn some tips, tricks, and tales of copyediting woe!

Brendan DuBois (M), Janice Gelb, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Richard Shealy, Neil Clarke