SF/F Copyediting

What the—

Here’s where questions for Ask the Copyeditor can be read, scoffed at, marveled at or generally ignored. Don’t worry that the last might hurt my feelings; stet is an important part of a nutritious copyeditor diet. NB: I consult* CMOS (The Chicago Manual of Style, for those who haven’t had to deal with such things) on a regular basis, as it’s the industry standard in genre publishing, but keep in mind that it is a group of guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules; in other words, what I find in CMOS is most often a fine idea and generally a good thing to follow, but it can be influenced by house style guides, authorial preference and the question of “Does that really say what the author wants it to say?”

(Obviously, this is merely a placeholder for the moment, awaiting 1) questions and 2) the time when I can answer those questions in the least twit-like manner possible.)


* I keep it chained in the basement next to the industrial vat of cat litter, and I occasionally remove its gag to listen to its maddened ramblings.